The meat up: gluttons for punishment 

Back so soon? I know, the blog is spotty at best. Use your judgement 😳

So, back to the piranha pool of dating. Assuming your intended partner is not literally Uncle Fester, and that’s being generous, there’s undoubtedly an awkward meet up, possibly featuring a cane and/or cross eyes that were definitely not featured in the aforementioned photo spread (true stories).

First, identify said party. I know, this seems like a given. Nope! Good luck finding this schmuck 5 years later. Got em?! Good, time for small talk! Weather (Hawaii), sports (in Tom Brady we trust), food, and hopefully just enough booze to make this encounter bearable, while silently questioning heterosexuality… or maybe that’s just me. 

Ok, sub in polite nodding and strategic bathroom/permanent exit.

Again, use your judgement.

This is the inevitable point when you regret ever leaving home. Why!?

Because ‘Merica! You’re welcome.

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